about ego

Производственная группа Ego находится в Шанхае, ведущем производителе в Китае. Ego предлагает высококонкурентоспособные услуги специально для разработки проектов и производства пользовательских продуктов путем формования пластмасс, литья вливания, процессов изготовления металлов и т. Д.

На протяжении всей нашей организации мы придерживаемся принципов бережливого производства, современного оборудования для производства. Еще важнее то, что мы помогаем повысить эффективность наших клиентов и повысить конкурентоспособность своих продуктов, работая с ними, чтобы уменьшить материальные отходы, оптимизировать производственный процесс и дизайн с точки зрения производства. Принимая решения в области производства и сокращения затрат, мы хорошо подготовлены к совместной работе с вашей командой или разработке и работе независимо от вашего имени.

About EGO

Изготовление на заказ

We focus on custom manufacturing, including metal investment casting, metal fabrication, plastic molding such as plastic injection molding, plastic blow molding, plastic rotational molding and plastic vacuum forming. We offer a full range of complementary value-added processes to each unique requirement of every single project. Whether your project is in developing or developed, whether it is large volume production or small batch production, we treat them even and preciously.

From quoting to production, our team is equipped to meet your unique specifications and requirements in a cost effective way without compromising quality.

We deliver what you want, when you need it, at the quality you expect - all in-house.

About EGO

Design Engineering

Our cross-trained engineering team not only offer customer cost effective manufacturing processes’ selection, we also provide design service.
♥ Mold design, we optimize the tooling design according drawing specification, enhance the critical specifications, stabilize the quality consistency.
♥ Design on customer behalf, if you just have a new idea or a half-finished design, we can totally take it from there, give us enough details of where it applies, which part it connects to, we will offer you a professional design service and drawing engineering.
♥ Process design improvement from small batch production to large volume production.

Вторичные услуги

Обработка CNC

Our world-class CNC machines provide superior quality and precision that allows us to deliver tight tolerances. Not only just for CNC machined parts, also could work as secondary operation for castings, metal fabrications.

Surface Coating

Surface coatings can improve durability, increase the longevity, make parts withstand corrosion and abrasion. After decades manufacturing, we have a serious surface plating partners who allow us to do a wide of range surface treatment options for applications, including anodizing, Teflon, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, hot dip galvanizing, powder coating, etc